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AYA town

AYA town is located in Miyazaki prefecture, southern part of Japan. (see our contact page for more details.)
Its population is about 8,000 and famous for its evergreen broadleaf forest remained in Japan.

Evergreen forest

Image descriptionShoyo Suspension Bridge

Built in March,1984, its length is 250.0m, hight 142.0m from the valley floor. (Japan's second highest suspension bridge for pedestrian-only) Highest located suspension bridge (173m) was built in Oct.,2006 in Oita pref. You can enjoy 2 Km walk (it takes about 1 hour.) around the bridge in the forest if you like.

Image descriptionAYA Castle (International Craft Castle)

Aya Castle is believed to have been built in the 14th century. It was once abondoned, but the present three-story castle was built in 1985. It houses a museum that exhibits Samurai armour, swords, and ancient documents. Next to Aya castle, there is International Craft Castle which displays AYA town's traditional handicrafts and products, pottery, glasswares, silk woven products, etc.

Bajikouen (AYA horse park)

Image descriptionCherry blossom in spring

It's located next door to Aya Engei.
Horse racing is held in early November.

flower clockFlower clock

Very huge flower clock with 28 m diameter. Visitors can see various colors of flowers every season.

Nishikibaru athletic parks

Image descriptionFootball park

Every year, J1 and J2 football teams take part in the spring training camp here.

Image descriptionBaseball park

Baseball teams from famous companies and universites come here to play games.
120m to outfield fence and equipped with night lightings.


Image descriptionCultural facility

This is very famous place for visitors. There are factory of sake, wine, local beer and a museum and shops of traditional craftwork of Aya town. Also it has hot springs and Japanese style hotel.

Image descriptionWinery and restaurant

Honmono Center

Image descriptionLocal organic products shop

You can buy Dragon fruits and Mangos there.

Image descriptionLocated in the center of Aya town

There are so many vegetables, fruits, plants and also handicrafts.

Event, Fair

Hinayama Festival

Image descriptionHina dolls with plants, pond and mountain

Very unique Hina Festival in Japan

Hina festival is to pray for young girl's growth and happiness on Mar.3.
At 10 places in AYA town, hina dolls are displayed with plants and miniature landscape. It takes time and cost to prepare such displays.

Image description



In the middle of September, Aya town people and neighbors enjoy 1 hour fireworks display.

AYA horse racing

Image descriptionHorse racing

AYA horse race is held on 1st Sunday of November at Baji Kouen.(Horse Park)

Shoyo-Jurin Marathon

Image description7000 people run

Shoyo-Jurin (Broadleaf forest) Marathon is held in October every year.

Image description