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Sightseeing places in Miyazaki

As for ordinary sightseeing places, please see Miyazaki Prefecture Tourist Information.

For flower lovers, we here present nice places to visit.

Saito city

Image descriptionSaitobaru

Burial mounds and cherry blossoms

In spring pink cherry blossoms and golden rape flowers, and in autumn cosmos flowers embrace hundreds mounds.

311 burial mounds (ancient tombs)


Festival Please visit Saitobaru Archaeological museum there which displays ancient tools and history of the tombs.

Kunitomi town

Image descriptionBig cherry tree in Otsubo area

One big cherry tree blooms gloriously in the middle of the tea field.

Image descriptionHokkedake park

In the 35ha park, there are many cherry trees, rhododendrons, and Japanese garden. You can get a nice view of pacific ocean from there.

Kobayashi City

Image descriptionIkoma Plateau

Very famous flower garden (120,000sq m). Iceland poppies in spring, cosmos flowers in autumn.

Ebino City

Image descriptionEbino Plateau

Miyama-Kirishima (a kind of azalea) covers rocks of Iou-yama (Mt. Iou).
You can see dears walking on Ebino plateau.


Miyazaki city

Image descriptionTsubakiyama Forest Park

Taking a 1-hour walking trail you can see 1,000 varieties of camellia. You can also enjoy mountain cherry blossoms from the peak.

Image description

Image descriptionFlorante Miyazaki

Flower park is located next to Phoenix Seagaia.
Nearby English garden designed by well-known designer will be reopened in March,2010.

Image descriptionShimin-no-Mori

Iris festival is held from May 24. Yellow water liles bloom on Misogi pond.

Image descriptionGecchibai (plum)

400-years-old plum tree, which is designated as natural monument in Miyazaki pref.

Miyakonojo city

Image descriptionMochio Park

Climbing lots of stone steps, you can get nice view of cherry blossoms. Easier path is also provided, which takes longer time.

Image descriptionHydrangea park

There are 21 varieties, 28,000 hydrangea bushes in the Ajisai park.


Oujibaru park

Image description
A lot of lycoris radiata in full bloom around "Ohigan" season (end of Sep.).


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