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AYA Engei is known for the leading breeder of Ranunculus in Japan. Our nursery is located in Miyazaki (southern part of Japan) and mainly specializes in the breeding and growing of Ranunculus. We have developed hundreds of distinct cultivars for the past 20 years and received many awards of Excellence.

Company history

Mr.Soichi Kusano (late grandfather of present director, Hiroaki Kusano) was a famous flower breeder in Japan.
He developed Primula Julian hybrids in 1972. He had taken a special interest in beautiful Ranunculus in 1930's and started breeding and cultivation since then. Moved to Aya Town, Miyazaki prefecture in 1989 as the climate there was very much suitable for growing Ranunculus.
His son, Shuichi Kusano developed Ranunculus Rax (Butterfly) series and received many awards for its excellence.
Now cooperating and giving technical advice to Agricultural Research Institute in Miyazaki pref., we are trying to develope new cultivars in Ranunculus, which has more colors, better quality, different flower form, longer or dwarf stem, resistance to insect and diseases, etc. We also promoted this beautiful flowers to Takachiho district in Kyuushuu area and they made success as a famous Ranunculus growers.