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Commercial Ranunculus growers, Flower Markets, Flower Shop owners

If you are not in Japan, please contact our agent, Green Works, Netherlands.

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Location of AYA town, Miyazaki prefecture

Image description for more details, please check the navi- gation map (right).


By car

50 min. from Miyazaki airport
20 min. from Miyazaki Nishi IC via route no.10
50 min. from Takahara IC via route no.268
35 min. from Miyazaki municipal office via route no.17
55 min. from Miyakonojo city via route no.10
2 hours and 30 min. from Nobeoka city
Please drive (head) for Aya Castle or Aya horse park. Aya Engei is located next to Aya horse park (Baji Kouen), opposite side of the road.

By bus

Miyazaki airport - 12 min. - Miyako City Bus terminal - 60 min. - Aya bus stop (AYA Machiaijo)
It takes about 15min walk from the bus stop to reach Aya Engei.
Please see Aya town official website.


postal code 880-1303

3179-1 Minamimata, Aya town, Higashi-Morokata-gun,
Miyazaki pref., Japan

FAX : 0985-77-3326

please contact us by email.

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AYA town map

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